We Buy Houses All Cash in the Fort Worth, Texas Area

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Most real estate investment firms will ask for terms when purchasing your home. They may ask you if you have an assumable loan, or if you are willing to sell on a Contract for Deed, or possibly an option. They may also ask for a few weeks or more to close on the transaction.

All of these schemes are dead giveaways that the person, or company, you are talking to has no money. They are wanting to make a profit on your home, but have no risk, and little or no cash involved in the transaction.

Many so-called investors go to the “How to Get Rich Quick in Real Estate” seminars and will leave you holding the bag because they have little or no experience, and even less cash. You may find years later that the house you thought was sold has been foreclosed on in your name, and you are still responsible for all of the missed payments and the balance on the loan.

Many investors only look at your home with no ability to close. They will try to “flip” the contract for your home to someone else, or they will tell you that their offer is based on their partner’s approval. This is usually used as a way to get out of the purchase contract if they can’t come up with the funds to close.

Others are only representatives of out of town companies and have no ability to make an on-the-spot decision. Or their offer may be overridden by their managers.

We will not ask for terms. We will not ask for options. WE BUY HOUSES ALL CASH in the Fort Worth and North Texas area. We will need to come to your home only once. We will make you an offer, and we will not be in your home again until we close, and you have your money.

We can close on your schedule, and we will pay for all normal closing costs. Please click here to request an offer from TEXAS REAL ESTATE DIRECT. Or CLICK HERE to contact us and discuss your situation with one of our owners.